Studio Policy

1. Goal: To prepare students to understand music and to skillfully play the piano so they can enjoy music for the rest of their lives. To become proficient so they can continue to grow in their musical understanding through adulthood.
2. Practice Time: Practice is essential for progress on the piano. Music homework is important as academic homework. For young students, parents should participate in lessons as much as you can, in order to assist your child in the practice at home.
3. What to Bring to Lessons : Please bring all books and materials for each lesson. No food, drink or gum in lesson. Please have clean hands.
4. Tuition and Fees: Tuition covers not only the lesson time, but also a spot on the schedule. There are 4 lessons per month. Payment is due during the last lesson of the previous month. Tuition received late (not during the last week of the previous month, or not at weekly lesson) will incur a late fee of $10. If you miss the lesson when payment is due, please mail your payment to avoid the late fee. All checks should be made payable to: Lu Ye. Payment can be made by cash or check/PayPal/. There will be no refund on tuition. 
5. Materials: Materials are not included in the tuition fee, please pay in full for materials as needed.
6. Scheduling: Please be punctual within the scheduled time. If late you risk losing your lesson for that day with no refund. I expect my students to take being on time serious.
7. Missed Lessons: In order to progress in your music lessons, regular attendance is necessary. Make-ups are available only one per month if you have canceled 24 hours prior, and if space available. If 24 hour notice is not given, then no makeup is available and you will be charged the full amount for the lesson.