Teaching Philosophy

After 14 years of classical training in China and 8 years of contemporary music in the States, I develop my own method of teaching and combining the classical technique and contemporary sound.
I believe each individual has unique abilities, and I approach each one of the students differently. I create a custom curriculum based on student’s needs and goals.
Best at most, I make sure each student has complete confidence in themselves and their musical abilities. I want them to be proud of who they are and what they can accomplish. I don’t want my students to settle for less; on the contrary, I strive for them to aspire to be their best.
In order to achieve high level of musicianship, it takes practice, patience, dedication, and commitment.
Areas of Specialize:
Certificate of Merit, Royal School of Music ( ABRSM), Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program, Classical, Jazz,
Music Theory, Improvisation, Pop Music, Sight Reading, Ear Training.

Articles/Books that I recommend for reading: